@ThisFunktional Review: THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS Live-to-Film Concert Experience exceeds expectations

Jesus Figueroa
Written by Jesus Figueroa

“The Nightmare Before Christmas” is a fantastic film to watch with family, the Live-to-Film Concert Experience which took place the the Banc of California Stadium gave a new fascination to the movie musical experience.

It was not only Danny Elfman, the original composer of the score and Jack Skellington’s original musical vocalist, or Billie Eilish’s rendition of the highly emotional “Sally’s Song,” it was Ken Page performing his original role of Oogie Boogie, Paul Reubens reprising his character Lock, as well as Weird Al Yancovic as Shock and the entire musical accompaniment.

Elfman performing his band Oingo Boingo’s classic “Dead Man’s Party” and his take of “Oogie Boogie’s Song” as encores had the crowd dancing and cheering.

With a couple hiccups throughout the night, the concert portion of the show mas magnificent. Elfman continues to enchant with his on stage antics while he performs, Eilish came out to a roaring cheer from the crowd and continued on to perform a captivating “Sally’s Song.”

Ken Page stumbled a bit through the opening of “Oogie Boogie’s Song” but quickly composed himself and went on to perform one of the night’s most enthralling musical numbers.

Reubens, Weird Al, and Elfman performing Lock, Shock, and Barrel respectively, was a bit different from the movie version as Weird Al took the place of Catherine O’Hara. The performance was great with Weird Al pairing up well throughout the performance as he added his own style to the vocals.

For fans of the movie, like me, it was a bit nostalgic and yet had a sense of being a new experience. The same elements that made the movie enjoyable the first time watching it or the hundredth time watching it were all there, with the added bonus of a live concert.

For those who watched it for the first time, it was every bit as incredible as watching the movie on its own. Once again, the live concert boosts the experience and the crowd cheering and singing along to the songs made the movie that much more grand.

Danny Elfman thanked the crowd for being there on Halloween and showed his appreciation for having the opportunity to return to a live stage and perform these songs.

If those in attendance were anything like me, we would like to thank Elfman for his continued passion for these songs, this movie, and his incredible performance on stage as he helps fans relive the movie as if watching it for the first time.

For those who have not seen “The Nightmare Before Christmas” Live-to-Film Concert Experience, I hope that if it comes back again, you strongly consider buying tickets.

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