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An all new App featuring music, artist interviews, videos, and inspiration
Canela.TV, one of the first ad-supported streaming services for U.S. Hispanics, today announced the availability of Canela Music.  Featuring a combination of music and VOD, the Canela Music App will offer a unique blend of Latin music programming, spotlighting various genres from Latin Pop, Regional Mexican, Classics, Romantic, and more.
In addition to the new Mobile App, Canela Music can be found natively on Canela.TV and will feature live music experience across all genres, curated for Bicultural U.S. Hispanics. Canela Music is available everywhere Canela.TV is and will highlight the music we all know and love, as well as original content.
Content on Canela Music includes:
  • Canela Hits - Pop, Urban, Tropical, Regional Mexican and Alternative from the 1980’s – 2020’s
  • Ritmos Inolvidables Pop, Regional Mexican, Tropical and Rock from the 1980’s – 1990’s
  • Regionales Pa Bailar - Regional Mexican from the 2000’s – 2020’s
  • Amor Para Todos - Pop, Regional Mexican and Tropical ballads from the 1990’s – 2020’s
  • Baile Picante - Pop, Regional Mexican and Tropical from the 2000’s – 2020’s
  • Pop Pegajoso - Urban, Pop and Tropical from the 2010’s – 2020’s
  • Rompe Tus Limites - Urban, Rock, Pop and Alternative from the 1980’s – 2020’s
Original Programming will include:
  • Timeless Artists: Shining a light on artists that have a unique angle and style, Canela Music will pick one artist a month that creates music which transcends the test of time. Genres from yesterday are becoming relevant once more with a younger generation of artists dedicated to revive them.
  • “Con Sazón” will be Canela Music’s official cooking show as it blends a perfect mix of music and food. The premise is simple, an artist and chef join to collaborate on creating a dish reminiscent of the artist’s roots, and while the food is prepared (for example, the rice cooks), the artist performs songs during the time it takes to be ready.
  • “Desde La Raíz” (“From the Root”) will bring a new depth to new releases and music videos as Canela Music explores not only the making of songs and videos, but how they tie into an artist’s career, their roots, and Latin culture. 
  • “Rising Notes” will be a series featuring emerging and trending artists that share their inspiration, what empowers them to make music and how they connect to the Hispanic audience with their music, building their fan base.
  • “United by the Rhythm” (Unidos por el Ritmo) will showcase how Latin artists get involved in education, their community and use their influence to help others in need.
Canela Music can be downloaded now from the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android.
For additional information on Canela.TV please visit:

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