Candy Santana checks into HOTEL COCAINE on MGM+

Jesus Figueroa
(Info from press release)

MGM+ is thrilled to announce that actress Candy Santana (Road House) has been cast in its original series "Hotel Cocaine" as one of the Mutiny Girls. The show, set to premiere on June 16, delves into the captivating story of Roman Compte, a Cuban exile, CIA operative, and the general manager of the Hotel Mutiny, the glamorous epicenter of the late '70s and early '80s Miami cocaine scene.

Candy Santana's portrayal as the right hand to the lead Mutiny Girl brings depth and authenticity to the character, adding a new layer of intrigue to the already gripping narrative of "Hotel Cocaine."

“Filming Hotel Cocaine was a dream come true. Working alongside industry titans while living in the Dominican Republic – an island paradise – was an unforgettable experience. The gratitude I feel for this opportunity is immense. We poured our hearts into creating this show, and I truly hope audiences enjoy it as much as we did” said Santana.

"Hotel Cocaine" promises to take viewers on a thrilling journey through the glitz and glamour of Miami's cocaine-fueled era, offering a unique perspective on a pivotal moment in history. With an all-star cast and a riveting storyline, the series is poised to captivate audiences from the very first episode.

Don't miss Candy Santana's captivating performance in "Hotel Cocaine" when it premieres on MGM+ on June 16. Stay tuned for more updates and behind-the-scenes content as the show prepares to make its highly-anticipated debut.

Candy Santana is represented by CSP Management and by Espada PR.

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