LISA FRANKENSTEIN pieces together an enjoyable dark coming of age comedy

Jesus Figueroa
Written by Jesus Figueroa

Vibrant colors and 80s nostalgia drive the dark comedy LISA FRANKENSTEIN, while the theme gets darker and darker.

A coming of RAGE love story about a misunderstood teenager and her high school crush, who happens to be a handsome corpse. After a set of playfully horrific circumstances bring him back to life, the two embark on a murderous journey to find love, happiness … and a few missing body parts along the way.

Kathryn Newton, who plays Lisa Frankenstein, captivates with a strong presence, chatisma, and playing this role as tragic as a dark comedy could make it.

Cole Sprouse, playing the creature, plays a clumsy and yet likable creature with his own charisma and heroic tendencies. While being a nice change of pace from the typical misunderstood creature, Sprouse plays the creature and more straight forward and doing what he needs to in order to be happier and make Lisa happier.

The 80s aspect to the film adds a mood to the film which helps the audience stay connected to the characters, while the style of the film are reminiscent of a Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands world.

The music selection is adds even more to the 80s feel of the movie.

The villains are clearly the villains, the good guys are clearly the good guys, and each stay in their lane. The villains of the story, or the victims of the creature, seem to have no redeemable qualities and there for the audience just does not care when they meet their fate.

On the other side, as the creature becomes more and more human and Lisa comes to terms with herself as well, they continue to have a tragic love story which drives the audience to root for their success.

Through it all, there are some tongue in cheek jokes that walk that line between big laugh and uncomfortable laugh, but that is what makes this film story work.

The ending is satisfying and logical even as it arrives very abruptly.

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