THE OBSCURE Season 2 continues with the story, presents a new side of the distillery

Jesus Figueroa

Written by Jesus Figueroa


A new set of drinks are presented in season 2 of THE OBSCURE, but a surprise ends the tasting experience.

Season 1 of the tasting experience brings those in attendance some incredible drinks and history of not only the types of spirits used, but how distiller and creator Théron Regnier comes to make the unique spirits used in the cocktails.

Those expecting the same thing with new drinks get what they expect and much more than adds to the experience.

While the spirits and cocktails are the centerpiece of the experience, Reignier and his journey as a distiller is the aspect of the experience which connects the pieces together.

Regnier hosts the tasting and shares just how special these spirits are.

Harbinger Jakarta Rum opens the tasting with a smooth flavor. The shot on its own is delicious, but the Philosopher’s Punch cocktail was marvelous. 

This beginning drink sets the bar very high for flavors.

The Rites of Fall Rye follows with a nutty taste, which was my personal favorite. The spirit has its special story and is the most unique spirit, not only for THE OBSCURE, but of many spirits this age.

The cocktail that was made with this spirit was the Darling 58. This spectacular cocktail has a nutty and fruity flavor which is well worth savoring while sipping slowly to get all the key notes.

Bar Director Hope Ewing takes tells the story of this spirit as she not only curated this drink, but she has a personal attachment to this spirit in particular.

Then the experience changes as a sake is served to cleanse the palate before a change of location for the final drink.

The Three Fates Génépi Liqueur is another flavorful citrus liqueur that does not need anything added to it to be a flavorful drink.

The Serendipity cocktail which is a simple addition to the Three Fates Génépi accentuates the spirit bringing out more of its taste.

The special part of the final cocktail is the location you get to drink it in, the members bar.

This beautiful location is open to members of THE OBSCURE to bring up to three guests and enjoy the atmosphere and the spirits that are offered at THE OBSCURE.

With such a wonderful experience through season one and season two, ThisFunktional will be on the lookout for season three and what that experience brings to make it stand out.

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