Video Interview: @ThisFunktional talks to 3D Design Artist Zhiheng “Leo” Gong about 3D art

Jesus Figueroa

Written by Jesus Figueroa

3D Design Artist Zhiheng “Leo” Gong talks with Jesus Figueroa, ​⁠ of, about his journey in 3D art.

This fall will mark the 10th edition of The Other Art Fair Los Angeles which encourages all to come discover their next obsession: art. The organization prides itself on presenting art in a new way that steers away from the cliché elitism mindset that most associate with fine art. Leo, again breaking barriers with his work as an invited artist to this year’s weekend fair has already landed one of his pieces, “Puzzle Bowl 2” on the Directors Picks list. Most recently, Leo had his work featured at the illustrious Yiwei Galley during the “Earth Is Just a Rock” exhibition that was shining a light on AAPI artist this past May 2023. “Earth is Just a Rock” considers the shifting dichotomy between the realms of science and mysticism, both significant to the included artists in a range of mediums. In the face of “monstrous creations” of human progress in evolution and technology, the artists search their hearts and minds for moments of vulnerability to find growth and move forward.

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