Video Interview: @ThisFunktional talks to Director-Choreographer Luis Salgado about stage production ON YOUR FEET!, Trailer

Jesus Figueroa
Written by Jesus Figueroa

Director-Choreographer Luis Salgado talks with Jesus Figueroa, ​⁠ of, about stage production ON YOUR FEET! THE STORY OF EMILIO AND GLORIA ESTEFAN, at the La Mirada Theatre starting October 6.

Salgado is an award-winning international director, choreographer and educator from Puerto Rico, based in New York City. On May 22, 2023 Salgado WON the 2023 Helen Hayes Awards for Choreography (Musical), Helen and Direction (Musical), Helen for ON YOUR FEET! La historia de Emilio y Gloria Estefan ¡EN ESPAÑOL!

Salgado had the opportunity to direct the Spanish version of ON MY FEET! Gloria Estefan was very passionate and involved in the process of bringing the musical to life in Spanish. This passion of Gloria for the show in Spanish was the ideal opportunity for Salgado to grow and establish a relationship with Gloria.

After seeing Salgado’s work with Gloria for the show, Emilio, invited Salgado as Choreographer and to stage an entire cast of great talent including Cirque du soleil for a ONU y President Biden event.

Salgado has received the St Louis Theatre Circle Award for Outstanding Choreography IN THE HEIGHTS (2022, STAGES St. Louis production). He was the Assistant Latin Choreographer of IN THE HEIGHTS on Broadway, which won four Tony Awards. Salgado worked with Carlos Gomez during the production of IN THE HEIGHTS.

Salgado worked with Jaime Camil, Justina Machado and Esai Morales during the production of the stage version of “Mambo Kings.”

Jaime Camil hired Salgado to teach musical theater classes to actors in México so the exchange of talent between Mexico and Broadway continued strong.

At The La Mirada Theatre From October 6 to 29

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