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By: Blanche DuBois Sharp and Marlene Sharp

Hello, and happy true crime spooky season from the DOGGONE CRIME gals (Blanche and Marlene)! This is an urgent interruption to post New York Toy Fair deal making news and entertainment industry-wide, WGA strike after-parties. Or in this case, the after-‘Party on, dude!’ (Apologies to Mike Myers.) Joking aside, get ready to behold the most memorable, biographical, murder-themed diversion that comes from a couple of comedy greats.


Starring WAYNE’S WORLD director Penelope Spheeris as silky-voiced, sophisticated, narrator/host, PETER AND THE ACID KING is a new, narrative, non-fiction podcast with surprising ties to kids merch-driven entertainment. One clue lies within the pilot’s sole ‘special thanks’ closing credit: children’s media super-agent Annette Van Duren. Annette, who reps toptoy-based TV show runners, filmmakers, and writers – such as Doreen Spicer (MOTOWN MAGIC, JUMP IN!), Ann Austen (BARBIE: A TOUCH OF MAGIC), John Derevlany (LEGOCHIMA), and Martin Olsen (PHINEAS & FERB) - is married to PETER AND THE ACID KING architect Alan Sacks (WELCOME BACK, KOTTER and Disney’s Demi Lovato-led CAMP ROCK franchise). Citizen sleuth Sacks portrays himself on the pod in question; in addition to service as outspoken pursuer of vigilante justice, Sacks also contributes credibility as primary source material. He is homicide victim Peter Ivers’ longtime friend.


Mr. Sacks stands at the forefront of a 40+ year, off-the-record death investigation. He reveals his obsession with the untimely demise of punk raconteur/musician/cable access TV personality Ivers. Ivers’ death remains an unsolved (bludgeoning) murder. As an immersive audio experience, PETER stems from Sacks’ exhaustive yet unofficial inquiry, comprised largely of dialoguewith close Ivers associates (Penelope Spheeris herself, Ron Howard, the late Harold Ramis family, and more). The docu-series is as compellingly curious as the ‘80s alt entertainmentlandscape. More important, it seems that kids’ content taste-maker Annette Van Duren is at the heart and soul of its orchestration, namely the sweat equity of Alan Sacks. (Way to go, Annette!)

From the official press release, here’s more about PETER AND THE ACID KING:


iHeartPodcasts and Imagine Audio debut [on September 26] PETER AND THE ACID KING, a true-crime podcast that takes listeners on a deep dive through the grimy, chaotic world of the Los Angeles punk scene in the early’80s and the brutal murder of New Wave Theater TV host Peter Ivers, the dynamic performer and artist known for bringing punk rock to TV. Created by Alan Sacks, and narrated by punk historian and esteemed director Penelope Spheeris, the series features multiple noteworthy guests, such as Jello Biafra, Frank Salerno, and Ron Howard. In episodes one and two (now live), listeners will get to know Peter and his rise through LA’s punk and new wave music scenes, and learn about Spheeris and Sacks’ personal connections to his story. 

In conclusion, the DOGGONE CRIME duo (still Blanche and Marlene) whole heartedly endorse this authentic, real-life, LA-centric, ghoulish cautionary tale for your ears! Four paws and two thumbs up! The biggest up is for Annette Van Duren, of course. Blanche remains grateful for her exclusive invite to Annette’s very human 2018 birthday party in Griffith Park, and we are in general awe of Annette’s many achievements.


We DOGGONE CRIME fighters look forward to the inevitable scripted (i.e., for the streaming screen) PETER mini-series. Furthermore, we suggest Meryl Streep for the role of Annette Van Duren and ourselves for any mother-dog daughter duo necessary for proper plot development.


Partake in PETER AND THE ACID KING on Apple Podcasts, here:

Dear readers, 

Happy Pre-Halloween listening to PETER AND THE ACID KING!

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