Concert Review: Marvelous concert experience on Veep as The Last Rockstars took to a sold out show at The Hollywood Palladium

Jesus Figueroa
Written by Jesus Figueroa

There is nothing like a live performance from incredible musicians, but Veeps helps those who are unable to attend a live concert to get a great experience.

On February 10, Yoshiki, Hyde, Sugizo, and Miyavi took the stage as the members of supergroup The Last Rockstars for a sold out show at the Hollywood Palladium.

Technical difficulties kept the show from starting on-time, but on Veeps fans kept each other entertained while the issues were being fixed.

Still, once The Last Rockstars took the stage, the crowd erupted and those in the Veeps chat went wild with comments pouring in.

This show marked the final stop of this tour, but the members each have thrilling performances.

Yoshiki, whom switched off between the drums and the violin, excited the audience with emotional and passionate performances of some fan favorite songs, but when presenting new songs Yoshiki brought in the audience by teaching some of the lyrics.

Going from drum solo to piano solo was unbelievable. The heavy drum beats from Yoshiki energized the audience and the beautiful piano solo brought a more emotional mood.

Hyde, the vocalist, brought an excellent pitch to the songs. Hyde was able to create a melodious sound while interacting with the audience. The performance was enhanced as Hyde moved around the stage and further interacted with the group.

The audience, both on Veeps and live at the Hollywood Palladium, showed much appreciation for the effort The Last Rockstars gave.

Each song brought on a new wave of positive comments on Veeps from fans around the world.

Sugizo, who switched between guitar and violin, shocked many as he began to play a violin solo after having an epic guitar battle with Miyavi.

Miyavi, who played guitar, was masterful. From shredding on one song to bringing on a beautiful acoustic solo, Miyavi gave a brilliant performance.

The Last Rockstars may be a relatively new supergroup, but if this is the starting point, it will be exciting to see how incredible this supergroup will become and how much more talent they have to showcase.

Opening Band-Maid played a short set of about 20-minutes which gave the audience a good preview of what to expect from the headliners.

The bands wonderful hard rock was just what was needed for an opener to The Last Rockstars.

Band-Maid consists of singer Saiki Atsumi, guitarist/singer Miku Kobato, lead guitarist Kanami Tōno, bassist Misa, and drummer Akane Hirose.

Guitarist Tōno mesmerized with hard fast riffs song after song and partnering up with Kobato’s guitar brought a high-energy feel to each song.

Singer Atsumi was incredible as she commanded the stage and had the audience hooked on her vocals.

Bassist Misa took kept the rhythm and brought together a powerful deep sound with a ferocious tempo.

Drummer Hirose showcased some excellent playing with high energy and wonderful drumming.

This band may dress cute with their Maid Cafe style attire, but they are rock with the best of them.

The Last Rockstars
1. THE LAST ROCKSTARS *new song 
2. 6 or 9 
3. Messiah *new song 
4. Here's the Love *New song 
5. Beneath the Skin
- SUGIZO x MIYAVI Guitar Battle
- Violin solo
6. Folly *new song 
-MIYAVI Acoustic Guitar Solo 
7. Hallelujah *new song 
- YOSHIKI Drum Solo
- YOSHIKI Piano Solo
10. Up and Down *new song
11. Bang!
12. Red Swan
13. PSYCHO LOVE *new song
- Encore -
14. Shine *new song
15. THE LAST ROCKSTARS *new song

THE LAST ROCKSTARS is comprised of four living legends who have each made their mark on Japan’s rock history.

YOSHIKI – classical pianist, composer, rock drummer, leader of X JAPAN
HYDE – solo artist, vocalist of L'Arc~en~Ciel and VAMPS
SUGIZO – composer, guitarist, and violinist of LUNA SEA and X JAPAN
MIYAVI – "samurai guitarist", singer-songwriter
The band's first single "The Last Rockstars (Paris Mix)" was released on December 23, 2022, through Melodee Music. The single is distributed globally by Melodee Music/Ingrooves Music Group. Ingrooves is part of Virgin Music Group, the newly formed global independent music division of Universal Music Group.
Their live debut world tour in 2023 included sold-out concerts in Tokyo, New York, and Los Angeles.

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