• Video Interview: @ThisFunktional talks with Artist Sasinun “Sasi” Kladpetch about LINE SF installation

    Written by Jesus Figueroa

    Artist Sasinun “Sasi” Kladpetch talks with Jesus Figueroa, @ThisFunktional of ThisFunktional.com, about LINE SF installation, opening at the end of September.

    Sasi’s next big project is the reveal of her permanent art installation that will reside in the lobby of brand-new the LINE HOTEL San Francisco (950 Market Street), which is set to open at the end of September.

    At the kinetic intersection where SoMa, Union Square and Tenderloin converge, the LINE SF will endeavor to reflect the complex history, culture, and spirit of the city by exploring the juxtaposition of 21st century technology and design with the urban grittiness of this historic neighborhood.

    Photos from sasinun.com
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