Theatre Review: CAGES captivates audiences with visual, audio brilliance

Jesus Figueroa

Written by Jesus Figueroa


CAGES: THE MUSICAL is unlike any musical or stage production audiences have experienced before. 

From the moment audience members arrive, the trip into Anhedonia commences right as audiences enter the door.

In a dystopian city, where emotions are forbidden and everyone’s hearts are locked in cages, Woolf discovers music and sets out on a surreal journey through the prism of emotions in order to write a symphony powerful enough to make the world feel.

The soundtrack begins with a powerful song which sets the tone for the audience, bringing the bar high right from the start.

The production is filled with one magnificent song after another. Each song comes on bringing a new exciting, beautiful sound.

CJ Baran; the co-writer of the original story, co-songwriter, co-director, and male lead Woolf; is fantastic as he is able to take the lead role and fully bring in the audience into the story. Baran’s ability to move around the creative stage while performing beautiful numbers is spectacular.

The design of the stage, which includes several layers used for the unique visual effects, bring an original element for live storytelling. This stage design is what makes CAGES: THE MUSICAL more than a typical musical.

Allison Harvard, female lead Madeline, is just the right complement to Baran’s Woolf. The manner in which these two lead characters play off each other give the story depth and a beautiful charm.

CAGES: THE MUSICAL ended to a standing ovation. It is a beautiful story, incredible music, and magnificent acting that is accented by the film, holograph and lighting elements.

The creative aspect of the lobby and bar area as well as the chemist’s emotional cocktail experience, which plays into the story, emerges the audiences and enhances the experience even before the production actually starts.

CAGES: THE MUSICAL will be departing downtown Los Angeles for a run of shows in London. The dates in Los Angeles have been extended until August 20.

Visit for more information and to buy tickets. You will need the Dice App which will be where you activate your tickets.

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