Video Interview: @ThisFunktional talks with Director Derek Diorio, Writer Ryan Keller about HAPPY FKIN SUNSHINE

Jesus Figueroa
Written by Jesus Figueroa

Director Derek Diorio and Writer Ryan Keller talk with Jesus Figueroa,  of, about HAPPY FKIN SUNSHINE, world premiereon June 10 at Dances with Films 2022.

Ronnie and her brother Will live in a one mill town. When the mill goes on strike, the future for their family looks bleak. Fortunately, Ronnie has found a brisk business selling weed.
When Will wants to start a band, Ronnie uses her weed profits to buy Will an electric guitar. Against everybody’s advice, Will enlists local outcast Artie as the bass player. Artie’s lies cause instant conflict within the band, especially with Vince, the egotistical lead singer. But the musical chemistry is undeniable, and the band just might hit the big time. If they can survive each other first.
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