• Just Friends release video for I WANNA LOVE YOU (Acoustic) from EP JF CREW VOL. 1

    Written by Jesus Figueroa
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    Just Friends has released EP “JF Crew Vol. 1,” which includes the previously released cover of “Dosed” originally by the Red Hot Chili Peppers and a remix of their song “Fever ft. Nate Curry.”

    ‘JF Crew Vol. 1’ Track listing 
    1. I Wanna Love You (Acoustic)
    2. Dosed (Red Hot Chili Peppers cover)
    3. Fever ft. Nate Curry Remix 
    Stream “JF Crew Vol. 1” here: https://smarturl.it/JustFriendsCrew

    Along with the EP, Just Friends releases fun video for the acoustic track “I Wanna Love You,”
    “The first time I sang “I Wanna Love You” I didn’t have a clue about love,” explains vocalist Brianda Goyos León. “Love was a mythical thing to me, like Star Wars and dragons. Back then, I was constantly dreaming about how love would change my life. I was obsessed. The more I chased, the slimmer I felt my chances of ever finding the connection my soul was looking for.
    I’ve changed a lot in the past few years. Now I understand a few facets of love. I learned how to cherish and accept the love that has always been around me - from my family, my friends, my community, and myself - and in return learned how to receive and recognize love’s sustenance when it’s sent my way. Turns out, all I had to do was open myself to what I could do for the relationships I already had. I learned about making a home here; nurturing my little patch of the world as opposed to looking for what I thought would validate me.”
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