TRINKETS season 2 makes a fantastic final season, makes audiences want more

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As “Trinkets” season 2 picks up from exactly where season 1 ended, the season continues the story filled with storyline and excitement.

Season 1 set up the trio – Elodie, Moe, and Tabitha – as three strong unique teenage girls with distinct personalities.

Elodie struggles with being the new kid in town, her emotions at which her acceptance of her mother passing is the biggest part of that, and shoplifting addiction throughout season 1, but season 2 updates those struggles to having built up a wild personality, continued emotional issues which derives from the death of her mother and connections it to her shoplifting, and romantic relationship issues.

As Elodie is challenged with the complexity of relationships, the growth of family struggles and feelings of not belonging, and the drama that is ever increasing in high school life, as well as the growth of the trios friendship coming to a new public level. The LGBTQIA+ aspect of Elodie is well treated as it is as ny other relationship, which they are, even as coming out is given the bigger part of the storyline.

Brianna Hildebrand, who plays Elodie, is wonderfully charming and wonderfully complex through out the entire series. Her incredible acting helps audiences connect with the character and even more so feel the emotions this character goes through in a raw manner. The empathetic way her acting creates speaks to the power of the story, the directing, and the tenderness brought to the character by Hildebrand.

Tabitha is put into one of the strongest storylines as her abuser Brandon inserts himself back into the story with major chunks of the story coming from the complications for a resolution for Tabitha as well as issues of identity and self-worth.

Quintessa Swindell, who plays Tabitha, was a highlight of the season as she somehow makes this highly complex storyline seems so smooth and beautifully. The strength of this young actor helps make this tough role relatable, endearing, and eye opening. The ability to take on such sensitive themes and give them proper representation in a show which has multiple storylines going on simultaneously shows not only the great writing, the great directing, but the trust given to the actors.

Moe struggles with identity, relationships, and alcohol through the second season. The contrasting emotions that come up in Moe throughout season 2 creates a whirlwind of drama between characters causing them all to grow in their own way and bringing them together in unexpected ways.

Kiana Madeira is fantastic with the way she handles this role, being both playful and yet serious throughout each interaction. With so much happening in the life of Moe – at home, at school, and emotionally – Madeira manages to make such an enchanting, fun, and endearing character which is flawed, powerful, and strong.

Joining the trio is a supporting cast which brings in new characters such as Jillian, played by Chloe Levine, and Ben, played by Andrew Jacobs as well as more prominent roles for Chase, played by Nik Dodani, and Noah, played by Odiseas Georgiadis.

The supporting cast matches the incredible leads.

Levin is charming and relatable taking in a complex tough role, which takes on sensitive topics.

Jacobs is awesome and matches the energy of the trio while playing a role which affects two of the main characters immensely.

Dodani has to show growth in his character adds more layers to a character which is matched up against Moe.

Georgiadis was prominent in season 1, but in season 2 his character of Noah makes a bigger impact and Georgiadis is incredible in creating a well rounded character.

“Trinkets” season 2 is a spectacular season which brings a great end to the series. The questions left open in season 1 are answered in this final season, but even with the satisfying conclusion to this story, audiences are left wondering how these resolutions impacted the trio and how high school ended (since they were juniors in high school at the end of this season). Although these storylines are wrapped up, the writing and acting were so well done that in 20 episodes the audience was emotionally invested in the characters. 


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