Actor Bruno Bichir finds passion for his role in Lionsgate’s THE QUARRY

Jesus Figueroa

Written by Jesus Figueroa

With a dramatic film like “The Quarry,” out now On Demand, Bruno Bichir found a character to play which brought him a challenge.

Bichir said that he’s always thought that the movies and characters choose him, he doesn’t necessarily choose them. 

Bichir’s character in “The Quarry,” David Martin, is a complex character which helps open the film and help develop the character of the main character of the story.

The development of the main character, who in the beginning is a drifter, is essential as little is known about him, or said about him, but the way he interacts with the people around him reveal everything the audience needs to know.

Bichir said that he’s quite fortunate that he’s developed a relationship with director Scott Teems and he got the call to play David and he’s profoundly fortunate that Teems trusted him with the role.

David becomes an interaction which gives way to the pace of the main character and the story keeps referring back to.

Bichir said that it’s not often that an actor gets the opportunity to gets such magnificent roles as part of projects that have such depth to them.

The project captures the attention of the audience with wonderful acting which can become intense as the storyline progresses.

Director Teems, having been part of the writing team, also seems to understand how to get the desired emotion of of the actors.

Bichir said that he’s had to reflect on humanity because of this role and a person’s place in the world. It’s something that made him so thankful to be part of this project.

The complexity of the David and the way he affects the main character comes through wonderfully and yet, David is a character that is flawed.

There is much of the David that makes the audience pensive and sticks with the audience far beyond the end of the film.

Bichir said that there were questions he had of what drives the character to do what he does and why he makes decisions such as he does, but it was something he figured out sitting down with the director once. 

David is a character that can be appreciated by the audience and adds layers to the story and to the main character.

The intensity of the film comes through and the mood of the film gets established since the moment David comes on screen.


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