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Here’s some hedgehog facts you never knew:

It’s Nearly Impossible to Unroll a Curled-Up Hedgehog
If you come across a hedgehog that’s rolled into a tight ball, leave it be. It’s virtually impossible to unroll one, anyway. When a hedgehog feels relaxed and unthreatened, he’ll unroll on his own.
Baby Hedgehogs Are Called Hoglets
Hoglets remain with their mothers for just four to seven weeks. After that, the animals are largely solitary. Their lifespan is about 7 to 10 years.
Groundhog Day Used to Be Hedgehog Day
In fact, the tradition of using hedgehogs to predict when spring would arrive started in Germany. When German settlers arrived in Pennsylvania, there were no hedgehogs around so they had to settle for groundhogs.
Hedgehogs Like to Make Spitballs
Hedgehogs have a tendency to lick new scents and then form a similarly scented spit ball that they use to coat their spines. It’s thought this may be a way for the animals to take on a new scent, thereby “camouflaging” themselves from predators’ sharp noses. They also use this spit-ball process to spread saliva with plant poison (to which they’re immune) over their spikes, offering them even more protection against predators.
Hedgehogs Are Primarily Nocturnal
Some hedgehog owners learned the hard way that these creatures like to run, search for food and play at night, while you’re probably trying to sleep. Their activity levels also depend on their climate. In cold weather, wild hedgehogs hibernate, and in hot climates they aestivate (similar to hibernation but during hot, dry spells). If they live in temperate regions, hedgehogs will stay active year-round.
Hedgehogs Make a Wide Variety of Noises
It’s often thought that hedgehogs are silent creatures, but this is a myth. They may grunt, squeal, snort and snuffle, as well as click or hiss. When they’re happy and content, hedgehogs purr or whistle.
Source: https://healthypets.mercola.com/sites/healthypets/archive/2017/09/19/hedgehogs.aspx

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