Harrison Ford leads THE CALL OF THE WILD, continues to enjoy the challenges in telling different stories

Jesus Figueroa
Written by Jesus Figueroa

“The Call of the Wild,” which opens in theaters February 21, may be the coming of age story of Buck the dog, but Harrison Ford brings depth to his character John and takes a journey of his own.

While John in the book by the same name is on a mission to find gold, the movie has this character on a different path.
“I think one of the great things about working with Harrison (Ford) on this was that he developed that whole back story of why in the world is he out in the Yukon on the first place. What is he running from? What happened to him? And, what is his exact relationship with Buck?” director Chris Sanders said. “There was a certain amount that we had in the script, but there was a great deal that needed to be filled in and developed.”
This parallel journey John is on helps bring Buck and him together. The similarities help audiences make that connection between the characters and establish a bond which drives much of the emotion of the movie.
“I took the project as a father, as a member of a family, it was a story that I thought would make a good family film,” Ford said. “The character was developed beyond the character’s presence in the book. To have a story, that in many ways parallels Buck’s.”
Both John and Buck are growing and finding the courage to grow passed their problems.

John became a wonderful character that feels real and believable.

Ford acted alongside a human playing a dog and was able to convincingly create a connection.
“It was a little weird,” Ford said. “Terry Notary, who stood in for the dog, is an accomplished actor and a gifted Cirque du Solei gymnast. He developed the skill to move like a dog and to help everyone organize their eyeline, where they are looking. For me also, I had the opportunity to create an emotional relationship with the character that Terry Notary was playing. We crossed some biological lines to get there, but it became second nature.”
Ford said he enjoys having that challenge and that’s what is fun about what he does and collaborate with others to take on a project. 

The storytelling, choosing what stories to tell and finding what’s important to tell is what Ford said helps him choose his projects.

This project has such a positive message and was something Ford wanted to be a part of.

Opens In Theaters February 21

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