Actress Paz Vega realizes a dream having been a part of RAMBO: LAST BLOOD

Jesus Figueroa
Written by Jesus Figueroa

Actress Paz Vega becomes a part of the Rambo franchise as Carmen Delgado in the final movie in the series, “Rambo: Last Blood.”

With Sylvester Stallone choosing to end his time as lead character Rambo, Vega manages to be a part of this final chapter.
“Since I was a child, I've always been a fan of Sly and his movies. And I've seen them dozens of times,” Vega said. “Rambo First Blood is one of my favorites. So being part of this franchise is a dream come true, and the experience was amazing.” 
The fulfillment of the dream was done in a way which Vega could be proud of.

Vega matched the intensity of Stallone as their characters meet in a scene which required both actors to play off of each other.
“There is a particular scene that I really enjoyed but it wasn’t easy,” Vega said. “When Rambo goes to Carmen's house and asks her to help him with information. Holding Rambo's gaze is not easy, and much more in that context. He wants revenge and she tries to convince him that killing these murderers is not going to return his daughter. It was a very intense scene but beautiful at the same time.”
Although Vega has been part of action movies, Rambo is an iconic task to take on for any actor.

This being the final chapter of Rambo, it becomes a movie that will be looked back on time and time again. 
With that Vega becomes part of that legacy.
“The fact that it is the last adventure of a great and  unique character,” Vega said. “Rambo is a legend and he has served as inspiration to create many other action characters. It is a reference in this genre and its legacy will last forever.”
Much like people who will be watching “Rambo: Last Blood” for the first time, Vega learned to expect the unexpected.

This film has many parts that are unexpected and Vega said that it’s all because of the hard work Stallone put into this story.
“Get ready for anything, because in this shoot everything is possible,” Vega said. “Sly works the script and the dialogues until the last moment. He is very perfectionist.  And I love that.”
From film to film, Rambo has evolved and become more well rounded and audiences have been allowed to see why Rambo sees the world as he does.

Vega hopes that through the home entertainment release audiences get to see the behind-the-scenes of this filming process so they can appreciate all the hard work put in to making this movie.
“I find it very interesting to discover what happens behind the scenes,” Vega said. “I hope they have included rehearsals, moments where the action scenes are choreographed, as well as moments where special effects are prepared. I’m sure the people will enjoy it alot.”

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